Zen Awakening Festival Nov. 17-19, 2017

Zen Awakening Festival Nov. 17-19, 2017



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Zen Awakening Festival is a yoga, transformational, music and arts gathering taking place on November 18th – 20th, 2016. Zen Awakening features over 100 National Acts, including DJs, Jam Bands and Hybrid Acts. It also features over 200 Workshops and Activities including: Aerial Yoga, The Earth Harp, Meditation, Spiritual Teachers John Springer and Saint Germain, Holistic Teachers, Cirque Performers, Flow Dancers, Drum Circles, Group Chants, Fire Performers, Central Fire, Healing Sanctuary, Themed Campsites, Permaculture, Kirtan, Camping, 20ft Water Slide, Organic Food Vendors and Art Installations.

This Wildwood based festival has been the little festival that everyone has been talking about due to the central focus on personal growth workshops and the head turning musical lineup. Zen Awakening features some of the biggest names in the regional and national jam band and festival circuit communities. Tons of local Florida bands, making waves, will be present including Flow Sisters, The Happy Campers, and Higher Learning. With headlining acts Michael Minert, Random Rab, Buku, Mr. BILL, Space Jesus ,Sonic Butterfly and many others will bring much needed variety to the Wildwood music scene.

Zen Awakening features fun and activities for all ages! One of largest activities held by any music festival is right here called Overcoming Your Obstacles. This is a full obstacle course where the attendees will get to challenge themselves and… overcome their obstacles. There are multiple yoga classes happening throughout the weekend such as: Acro Yoga, Couples Yoga, Power Yoga and a fan favorite… Aerial Yoga (to name a few). There are also activities for children at the Conscious Kid’s Camp such as: Calm Kids Yoga, Art With Nature, Drum Workshop and Up Cycling Art Projects.

Zen Awakening means to break the norm in Wildwood, FL with this bold and conscious movement. Come Learn, Love and Dance with us at Zen Awakening Festival!

Zen Fields is located at:

4222 N US 301

Wildwood FL. 34610

Full Event Passes are on sale now for ONLY $144 including camping! order here:
Walk up Door Price: $160.0012311307_928321637246626_8554332988056442640_n-768x512

Located in the Spiritual Warriors Camp at Zen Awakening Festival our fire performers consist of over 50 of the best fire performers, jugglers and spinners. Although fire is always daunting and seemingly untamable, our fire jugglers and spinners will exhibit enormous skill and control as they juggle multiple batons set on fire, throwing and catching them with amazing dexterity and ease. A stunning sight or color and courage, they continuously make the fire their plaything and ultimately feasts on it to the astonishment of the audience


The Trampoline Wall is made up to look like a 15 ft. finished building.  Our performers tumble and vault into and out of the building’s windows, challenging the laws of gravity as they vertically run up and down the building’s walls, creating the look and feel of a construction site but with a whole new twist. Phenomenal timing and spatial awareness is key to this performance.  The artists’ incredible acrobatic ability allows them to accomplish intricate aerial movements with speed and agility. Excitement builds as they spring and twist in the air with surprising ease and grace performing multiple synchronized somersaults, mid-air twists and high dives at an unbelievable pace.


Andrea Brook is an international performing artist and yoga teacher. Andrea has toured internationally since 2001, presenting visually and sonically stunning performances around the world, including the Temple at Burning Man, La Parroquia Cathedral in San Miguel de Allende, Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, and the Grand Theater in Shanghai. She has been teaching yoga since 1998 and led workshops and retreats around the world including the Omega Institute, the TED Conference, and festivals including Wanderlust, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle and the Envision Festival in Costa Rica. Her classes, workshops and retreats are designed to set one’s intentions into motion and use the tool of yoga to live life fully. Andrea is also a public speaker and has participated in TEDx in Kansas City and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Andrea began Sonic Butterfly Productions in 2013, to unite her talents and create transformational experiences. Sonic Butterfly is Andrea’s design of long-string harp and is based on the concept of transformation, like the butterfly, re-creating ourselves into the full expression of who we truly are, as well as the transformation of a space into an instrument and of our energy into higher states of being. These transformational experiences are more than performances, as they engage the audience, inviting them to be participants, allowing them to transcend limitation and inspiring their truth, their creativity, and their authentic self to fly. The 2 resonating chambers with butterfly wing shaped projection screens, “projection wings,” have 2 full octaves of strings spanning out on each side. Each string is at minimum 60ft, and all 26 strings expand out over the audience creating a full sensory experience. The long-strings are played running the fingers along the strings, thus creating a healing longitudinal vibration. The vibration moves through the molecules of the body and the ascending overtones lift one’s energy, transmuting lower vibration into higher states of being.

Andrea’s websites are www.sonicbutterflyproductions.com & www.yogagirl.com and youtube channel is: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ea27tL5Iz-KQNLXAvmVBw. Her Facebook pages are www.facebook.com/sonicbutterflyproductions & www.facebook.com/andrea.brook.37. And you can follow her on Instagram @ sonicbutterfly_andreabrook.

Andrea also created an album called Elevate with Feed Your Soul Records in 2014, that combines dance music with conscious, sensual spoken vocals to bring consciousness to the dance floor. You can enjoy the full album at http://feedyoursoulrecords.bandcamp.com/yum.

Aerial Drummers can perform on building facades, event halls, arenas, stadiums, shopping centers. Aerial Drummers
will magically fly from the ceiling up and down as they play 30 feet in the air at a speed up to 8m/sec. The spectators will then experience live pulsating sound in a new, exorbitant show.


Mimicking the image of a field of wheat swaying in the wind, perched atop high flexible poles in an incredible style of performing that combines theatre, dance and circus, our artists deliver a mesmerizing performance, bending and swaying high in the air, creating a unique and captivating image that defies the laws of gravity.

The poles’ extreme strength and flexibility allow the performers to bow to impossible angles and sway back and forth in a visually captivating dance that is as unique as it is enchanting. The performers come together and apart as they spin, bow and virtually bend over backwards in their absorbing and wonderfully illogical presentation that will leave the audience breathless.



The RussLiquid Test

Russ Liquid is the future-vintage groove-blasting maestro who has stirred the souls and minds of the electronic music world. Renowned for his ingenious compositional approach, this cosmic virtuoso and imprints a prophetic musical experience on his audiences. He detonates explosive beatscapes, seamlessly adding flourishes of instrumental color and emotion; while drawing from an endlessly diverse sonic palette.

In just a short time, Mr. Liquid has developed a reputation for radiating a sonic supernova of genre-bending beats on the dancefloor, captivating audiences with passionate live instrumental performances across the U.S. and beyond. His dynamic, multi-instrumental, experience has already been unleashed on some of the most innovative music events and festivals around the globe including: Coachella Music Festival, Electric Forest, Northcoast Music Festival, WTF?! (What the Festival) Lightning In A Bottle, Snowglobe Music Festival, Symbiosis Gathering, Shambhala (Canada), Synthesis Festival (Mexico), Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Eclipse Festival (Australia).

Russ broke musical boundaries and transcended expectations in 2013 with Foreign Frequency, his debut full length album on STS9‘s 1320 Records. With that release he transported listeners on an inter-dimensional adventure to the deepest circles of his musical universe, steering audiences into an expansive world of visceral beats, laced with spiraling instrumental accompaniments, and adorned with melodies that only a masterful improvisationalist could manifest.

This year, Russ Liquid continues to lead listeners deeper into robust sonic landscapes all across the globe in support of his latest album, In Love, available now on Gramatik’s groundbreaking new label Lowtemp, and on Winter 2015 Tours with Gramatik and The Floozies.





Kaminanda’s ever-evolving sound is a playground of original Midtempo grooves, tribal rhythms, Psy-Dub, and lush downtempo textures. His music is designed to take the listener/dancer on a journey traversing landscapes reflecting a myriad of diverse influences; a kaleidoscope of warm melodies and twisting, winding compositions. With six albums in his repertoire, this organic spaceship of frequencies balances musicality and ethereal soundscapes to evoke a deeper and hypnotic experience.



Far far away in deep auditory space, Heyoka has been abducted, cosmically mind probed, upgraded and reconfigured in an extra terestrial lab on a planet known as Marklar. Fortunately he has returned almost entirely unharmed, and now shall be known as the artist currently know as Andreilien…

Andrei Olenev first emerged as HEYOKA on the San Francisco underground glitch/bass scene in 2006. By 2009 he was touring extensively and quickly became a staple sound in the rapidly growing bass music scene of North America. With a constantly evolving, original style, he stood out amongst bass music producers as one who keeps the vibe going strong while venturing to explore new realms of sonic experience. Playing always live sets of his own original tracks, his music has been described as a journey through fractal soundscapes and alternate realms while riding the waves of fat glitch beats and earth rumbling sub bass.

Andrei has brought his signature sound to North American festivals including: Symbiosis, Sonic Bloom, Raindance, Lightning in a bottle, Big Bounce, Alchemeyez, and large Burning Man sound camps such as Nexus, El circo, Temple of Boom, Entheon Village, Roots Society and Fractal Nation. He has also played several international electronic music festivals such as Shambhala (Canada), Boom (Portugal), Earthfreq and Winter solstice (Australia), and Luminate (New Zealand). He frequently tours nightclubs and concert venues through the States and Canada, as well as internationally in Australia, New Zealand and Russia.

As Heyoka, Andrei released his first ep in 2008, and by 2011 had produced over six albums through San Francisco’s Muti Music, a leader in the glitch hop and bass music scene. In “Dub Iteration,” Andrei’s newest album and first official release as Andreilien, he revisits the dubby vibe of some of the earlier Heyoka releases with a newer fatter twist.

Further expanding artistic horizons, Andrei has been continually working to develop a multimedia project with original Visionary and 3D art to create full sensory fractal journey in a dimension of its own.

So, for a sonic journey so thick you can smell it, keep listening to signals from beyond for Andreilien playing in a noosphere near you…